Bascom Ventures is a community of University of Wisconsin alums: investors, executives, entrepreneurs, and innovation enthusiasts with a connection to the University of Wisconsin or its graduate schools. At our core,  we are a University of Wisconsin alum venture fund investing in University of Wisconsin alum-led companies. We are private, for profit, and not part of University of Wisconsin. We strongly believe that we can do better investing in VC together than any of us can do alone. Our Annual Funds and Co-Investment Program are accepting new accredited investors. Click the button below to join our community, sign up for our newsletter, and/or to indicate your interest as a potential investor.

Community Newsletter

Why Invest?


Smart Asset Allocation

A simple, intelligent way to a venture portfolio: following smart, experienced leads; investing over time; and creating a diversified portfolio. 

Access To Top-Tier Deals

We invest in professional venture and growth rounds typically unavailable to individual investors.


Network and socialize with a large, established group of UW entrepreneurs and investors.

Transparency & Communication

Access to diligence materials, Investment Committee conversations, and deal-related information for each investment that are typically not available to individual investors.

Pay It Forward

Invest in promising companies in the large UW entrepreneurial ecosystem and learn about the latest technical innovations.


Invest additional capital on a deal-by-deal basis as you wish.

Investment Approach

  • Profit driven. Our fund is private, for profit, ROI driven, and run by a full-time, experienced University of Wisconsin team.
  • Networked capital & deal sourcing. Every year, we raise capital from up to 99 alums ($25k-$1M per investor), then source deals from our large UW network.
  • Diverse and broad. We invest in 15-25 deals per year spanning a range of industries, stages, and geographies.
  • Co-invest with smart money. We primarily invest alongside top-tier venture investors. We do not lead deals, price rounds, or take Board seats. We aim to be valuable to the portfolio company and frictionless to the deal getting done.

Our Style

  • Intentionally inclusive. We are an experienced, diverse community from different University of Wisconsin schools and backgrounds, with different reasons for being involved.
  • Open. Our level of community involvement and transparency is unprecedented in the VC community.
  • High tech and high touch. We make intelligent use of technology, while also enjoying meet-ups and old-school socializing.
  • Hard-nosed, soft-hearted. We are tough decision-makers and invest in only a small percentage of the deals we see, yet we’ll hear anyone’s pitch and always strive to be supportive and helpful.
  • Optimistic. We believe that we can help foster entrepreneurship and aim to add value for everyone in the Bascom Ventures community.